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23 August 2010 @ 04:03 pm
WTS Manga, Games, Toys, Shirts, Cosplay  
Need to sell some things to help pay for car insurance and school!  Will consider trades for things on my wishlist!

Here's my feedback, as an eBay buyer and seller:

http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dlfeedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl l


-I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL (size enhanced as people seem to ignore this ^^;)
-Will now ship internationally, however; shipping is expensive so be wary.

-If I overcharge on shipping, I will offer a refund of the remainder.
-Won't haggle on anything less than $10; sorry, stuff is already kind of cheap.  Also will not haggle on shipping.  Potential buyers have gotten frustrated at me for not lowering shipping costs on things that, from my experience, are heavy to ship (books, etc).  I've lowered shipping on manga before and have made no profit because the cost of shipping ate up both what I charged for the manga and the shipping itself, plus packaging and the Paypal fee (in of those cases, I had to pay a little more of my own money to ship).  And if I do overcharge (which I rarely do), I offer a refund.


I am also open to commissions.  I make anime-inspired plush toys!  My site is here:  http://littlemisspessimist.webs.com

Other things I'm selling, plus my wishlist.

AKIHIME SUMOMO custom plush, from Japanese visual novel NANATSUIRO DROPS.  This was commissioned of me, but never paid for.  ^^;  She is about 9 inches tall and hand made.  Her face is drawn directly on the fabric.  DO NOT WASH.   $30 shipped.  ON EBAY FOR STARTING BID $20 SHIPPED!!


Vampire Game 2 $1
The Ring $2
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness 1   $1
KANPAI!  1  $3

Langescheidt Pocket Dictionary Japanese, some gray smudges on cover, but otherwise in good condition.  $5
RING by Koji Suzuki, some shelf-wear.  $2.  Take with with the Ring manga for $3.


All games are for the Game Boy Advance.  They are all in Japanese.  $8 each.  Take all for $30.  ON EBAY FOR STARTING BID $14.90 SHIPPED!! 

Fire Emblem
Super Mario Brothers 2 Advance
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3
Sword of Mana

PSP Wall Charger $5


Tiny Yu-Gi-Oh figures.  They're between 1'1/2" to 2" high and come with a plastic, card-like stand.  Distributed within the U.S.  $1 each.  Take one free with any other order, or buy them all for $2.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Flame Swordsman
Joey  SOLD

The Dark Magician, from Yu-Gi-Oh, a figure distributed in the U.S.  His staff is missing, but he's in pretty good condition.  He's spent most of his life packed up in a box because I had little sisters and there was no way they were touching my toys. :P   $3, or take him with the other Yu-Gi-Oh figures for $5.

Koenma and Baby Koenma.  Comes with a flimsy, plastic stand.  Both are in good condition, and like my other toys, stayed in a box.  The big Koenma has peculiar damage to his right hand that came like that when I bought it and was fashioned in such a way that you couldn't see it when it was packaged.  I think it was just the way the plastic was molded.  The stand also has a visible smudge on it in the top corner.  The stand is so flimsy, that it could easily be thrown away though, because these two figures stand better by themselves.  ^^;    $5 for the set

Assorted figures, which include Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, Cardcaptor Sakura, Alucard from Hellsing, and Bijou from Hamtaro.  I think Hiei came with a sword, but it's missing.  Sakura's staff is slightly bent.  Alucard is missing his stand.  Bijou has gray smudges on the back of her.  $2 each, $0.50 for Bijou, or take her free with any other order.

Kurama plushie.  Spent a lot of time packed up too.  He's is pretty good condition, and was on display for only a little while before I packed him up.  $6, or take him with Hiei and Koenma for $11.

Japanese-issued Pokemon cards.  I've had these for years, but they've NEVER left the plastic cases I bought them in.  They're in great condition.  $2 each, or $8 for all.


I will wash and iron all clothes before shipping.

Naruto shirt, women's medium, although it probably shrunk down to a small.  Worn many times, but in good condition.  $5.

Front                                                                                                         Back

Naruto shirt, men's medium. Worn once, and wrinkled from being packed up, but otherwise in good condition.  $6.

Front                                                                                                         Back

Death Note shirt, men's medium.  Never worn, but packed up a lot (thus, wrinkles).  Rules of the Death Note on the back.  $6.

Trigun terry cloth wristbands.  These... these have seen war.  Or they look so, anyway.  $1 each, or take one free with any order.


Naruto scroll pencil case.  I bought this at our local Japanese import shop years ago but never used it.  I think it's supposed to come with a ribbon that wraps around the center, but for some odd reason, mine came without one (as did a few others at the store).  $4.

Fushigi Yuugi Miaka School Uniform Cosplay

I've had this outfit for years and have never used it.  It's second hand and custom made, which bought it off eBay more than six years ago.  It has at least two small tears in the material that aren't very noticeable.  The outfit comes with the dress, the jacket, and the bow.  I don't have precise measurements, but it's small.  My basic measurements are 5'1", petite, with a 31 in" bust, and it's still a little big on me.  It should fit anyone around my height and weight.

I will press and fold the dress, and make sure it's protected within the shipping box.  I'm asking $50 (I paid $80), but this is negotiable.  ON EBAY FOR STARTING BID $51 SHIPPED!!