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Cute and RARE Sailor Moon Castle Playsets

I still havea few of these little playsets left, and I want to get rid of them namely because I'm desperate for cash right now. I've got hospital bills! ;o;! Anyways, these are all brand NEW, sealed imports. BANDAI!

Each playset is a diffrent! Mercury's is a little library, Venus's is a little hospital, and Mars's is a little Kareoke bar!

These playsets have small parts so buying for children under the age of three is not recomended.

I'm asking $7 each, shipping is $4 per playset as these are about a pound each! If you buy two or more, I'll see what I can do about reduceing the shipping.

I accept Paypal and USPS Money Order's only!

You can contact me at with any questions! :D
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