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I am selling the following items:

-2 Miyavi photos for 1-2 euros SOLD!!!!
-2 Mana photos (if I can find the other one ) for 1-2 euros
-1 Tsubasa poster 4-5 euros
-1 Chobits poster 4-5 euros
-1 Get Backers Poster (double sided) 4- 5euros
- some hello kitty and pucca figures 1-2 euros
- lot's of laminated tenipuri,chobits,1 count cain, sayuki, get backers cards. 1-2 euros
-4 hello kitty dolls 5-8 euros
and more...............
-Prince of Tennis The Love of Prince Bitter PS2 game(music clip game)
-Prince of Tennis the Love of Prince Sweet PS2 game(music clip game)
-Galaxy angels PS2 game
note!: the games might only work on japanese or any other asian ps2 but I think Galaxy angel can be used on european ps2

*I am selling merchandise of various different j-rockers in July~~ I just wanted to tell you because...not a lot of people are selling j-rock stuff around here...*

If interested please contact me at then we can negotiate and etc...

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