Blu8e (blu8e) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I still have lots of things that must go.  I accept Money Order (prefered), Cash (at your own risk), PayPal (will add 5% for paypal fee), and Trades (only if you have something I really want right now).

Here's very small list of what I have:

Books: A.I Love You Vol. 2, Alice 19th Vol. 3, Eerie Queerie! Vol. 2, King of Hell Vol. 4, Peach Girl Change of Heart Vol. 8, Sailor Moon Novel Vol. 1-3, Suki Vol. 2, Trigun Vol. 1, Wild Act Vol. 4, Sample Mangas, Shonen Jumps, Non-no Magazines, Color Magazines

DVDs: Angelic Layer Boxset with Vol. 1, Dragon Drive Vol. 1, Gasaraki Perfect Collection, GTO Vol. 1, SoulTaker: The Monster Within, Trigun complete boxset, Vandread 2nd Stage Vol. 2, Miyavi Indies Last Live in Nippon Budokan, Gackt Mars Concert

Lami Cards, Clear Cards, Trading Cards, Musics, Posters, Free Flyers, Pins, Keychains, Pencil Boards/Shitajiki, Plushies, Notebooks, and lots more.  That's just a very small list of what I'm selling.  Please take a look.

(Blu8e's Mini Mart)

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