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Stuff for Sale/Swap!

Hello! Please take a moment to look around and see if anything tickles your fancy. I'm quite open to trading (Click HERE for my wish list) and also to negotiation. Don't hesitate to make an offer, these prices are very flexible.
I'll take nearly any method of payment, from concealed cash to paypal, and will ship anywhere if you pay for it.

I'm selling several complete manga series (Gravitation, Planet Ladder, PitaTen, etc), several incomplete series (Vampire Game, GetBackers, etc), numerous Japanese manga (yaoi and others!) and some general Japanese books. I also have Japanese fashion magazines, doujinshi, some VHS tapes, and Sailor Moon stuff, anime pins, playing cards and other goodies!

To spare you the info-dump:

Complete Series
[SOLD: image removed]
Card Captor Sakura 1-6 and CCS: Master of the Clow 1-6
This is the complete CCS series. $50 (on hold)

[HOLD: image removed]
Demon Diary 1-7 $30 (on hold)

FAKE 1-7 $30

Gravitation 1-12 $50

[SOLD: image removed]
Juvenile Orion boxset $30

PitaTen 1-8 $35

[SOLD: image removed)
Planet Ladder $30

Tales out of Season: Takumi-kun 1-3 $20

Descendants of Darkness 1-11 $50

Incomplete Series:

Tsubasa 1-3 $18, shipped (shipping for US-only, Internat'l buyers $15+shipping)
Volumes 4-14 have been sold.

[SOLD: image removed]
XxXHolic 1-6, 9 $30

Vampire Game 1-13 $50

Singles, Japanese and Other

All these are $6 each.
Only the Ring Finger Knows has been sold.

Kill Me, Kiss Me and Vampire Knight 1 are $4 each
Everything else has sold.

Card Captor Sakura bilingual volume 4 [sample and back] $6

Kimagure Orange Road "animanga" style 1-2 $10 (set)

Left: Oh, My Goddess! Japanese volume 5 $4 [sample]
Right: Oh, My Goddess! "animanga" volume 3 $4 [sample] ($6 set)

Yaoi and Shojo Manga $3 each. Samples upon request. $10 set

[SOLD: image removed]
Yaoi "Phonebooks" $7 each, $10 set

[SOLD: image removed]
Card Captor Sakura Artbook Cheerio! $10

Gundam Toy Collection $6 [sample]


[SOLD: image removed]
5 Gundam Wing Doujinshi $8 set

[SOLD: image removed]
Gravitation Remix 3 $10

New College Text Volume 1 $3
Memoirs of a Geisha $3
Japanese in Plain English $3

[SOLD: image removed]
Dictionary $3
Japanese Writing Guide $8

[SOLD: image removed]
Japan Times: Genki! $20 set

Japanese Fashion Mags! $6 each ($10 set) [MORE sample and JJ sample]

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature guide + PS1game (not pictured) $10
Soul Caliber II guide $6

[SOLD: image removed]
Clamp: X and Clover $6

[SOLD: image removed]
DNAngel $6

[SOLD: image removed]
Fruits Basket Set1 $6

[SOLD: image removed]
Fruits Basket Set2 $6

GetBackers $6

[SOLD: image removed]
Gundam Wing $6

Samurai Deeper Kyo $6

Record of the Lodoss War $6

Spirited Away $5

Oh, My Goddess! Set1 $6

Oh, My Goddess! Set2 $6

Oh, My Goddess! Set3 $6

Oh, My Goddess! Set4 $6

{SOLD: image removed]
Comics! 15-20, 22-32, 34.

[SOLD: image removed]
Sailor Saturn Pins $4 each, $6 set

Sailor Moon: Friends and Foes storybook $3 [sample and overview]

Soundtracks. One has the CD, while the has the CD but no booklet. [Picture 2 and Booklet] Make an offer.

Mini Clipboard and Notepads $4

[SOLD: image removed]
Korean Coloring Book $6

Dressable Doll (missing one outfit) $2

[SOLD: image removed]
Mini Notebook $4

[SOLD: image removed]
Pencil and Eraser $6 set

[SOLD: image removed]
My Neighbor Totoro CatBus Plush $10 )

Blood: the Last Vampire $3 (watched once!)

Kimagure Orange Road OVA volumes 1 and 3 $3 each or $5 set
Previously viewed rentals, but work fine. Japanese with English Subtitles.

Record of the Lodoss War v.1-6 (complete 13 episode series) $10
Previously viewed rentals, but work fine. Japanese with English Subtitles.

Anime Pins! $4 each, $10 set
The cinnamoroll pin has been sold.

[SOLD: image removed]
Belldandy cellphone charm $2

Excel Saga boxset: SOLD

Thanks so much for looking! Remember, I'd love to trade and don't be afraid to make an offer. I can provide any additional info or pics you need, too.

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