Kero Trigger, Axl extraordinare! (kerotrigger) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Kero Trigger, Axl extraordinare!

Selling some manga

Here's some manga for sale, please take a look!

All manga are in english, and near-mint condition, read twice at most. Prices do not include shipping. I only ship in the US and accept Paypal.

Dragonball Z 1-7, original print. $5 each or $30 for all 7.

InuYasha 1-10, original flipped versions. Issues 1 and 5 have slightly curved covers from storage, which will flatten out after having some pressure put on it. $5 each or $40 for all 10.

Novels. FMA 1 and 2, Slayers 1. $4 each.

Last Hope 1-2, $4 each. Kazan 1(flipped) $5.

Trigun 1-2, $7 each. Trigun Maximum 1-9, $5 each. All 11 books for $50.

These manga are rated for mature audiences only
$7 each.
Sweet Revolution, Level C vol 1, Antique Bakery vol 1(Scratch & sniff on cover no longer smells), Suzuka vol 1.

$7 each.
Time Lag, Il Gatto Sui G vol 1, Beyond my Touch, La Esperanca vol 1 and 2(Set for $12), Almost Crying.

Misc 1
$4 each.
DN Angel vol 1-3(Set for $10), Tsubasa vol 8, Digimon vol 1(Vol 2 and 3 sold), Legal Drug vol 1, Gatekeepers vol 1, Beyblade 1, Dragon Knights vol 1, Escaflowne vol 1.

Misc 2
$4 each.
Cyborg 009 1-4 ($10 for all 4), Somedays Dreamers vol 1 and 2($6 for both), Nightmare Before Christmas, Cowboy Bebop vol 1-3 ($8 for all 3), Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star vol 1-2 ($6 for both). All 5 Cowboy Bebop for $12.

Ragnarok vol 1-6, Absolute Boyfriend vol 1-5. $4 each, Rangarok set for $20, Absolute Boyfriend set for $16.

Once the sale is completed, Would you kindly leave me some feedback in a comment here?
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