Traci (dacco) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hoo boy.

Some of these things, it's really hard for me to sell, but it has to be done...

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The picture does this jacket NO JUSTICE. I just wish I had a better camera... It's in VERY GOOD condition, no ripping, and the fabric on this is beautiful. I bought this from a thrift store not too long ago, and it cost me a pretty penny. There are no tags - it looks like a handmade jacket - and I can't be positive about sizes, but I wear a US large and it fits me well.

I'd like at least $10 + shipping for this, it's very close to me.

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Japanese textbooks. I got these from an antique store a long time ago, and the books themselves are in VERY GOOD condition - the case has some visible wear and tear on it, though.

$15 + shipping.

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Mangas and DVDs.

KAZAN Vol. 1 - Still has dustcover, is in near-mint condition. $6 + shipping. SOLD. (sort of. ._. my nephew is a brat)

The Ring - Case and disk in near-mint condition. $7 + shipping.

Freaky Friday - Case and disk in near-mint condition. $7 + shipping.

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This wooden sword is my baby. I bought it a while ago from a man who makes movie props for a living. VERY GOOD condition; some dents and scratches, but none of them are too bad. This is one of my favorite things I own, and I'm really quite sad to be parting with it.

$20 + shipping.

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