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Huge J-Music and Anime Lots!

I am really low on money :( and so I come to you with lots of anime and j-music items! Please help me out and buy some goodies! There is a huge variety!

Whats under the cuts:

-Nightmare's Ruka Poster [AUTOGRAPHED]
-Duel Jewel's Val, Natsuki, Yuya, Hayato Photo Cards [AUTOGRAPHED]
-PLC Lot (Plastic Tote bag, lanyard, glow stick, green pouch, Aya Guitar Pick [AUTOGRAPHED])
-Gothic Lolita Bible 8
-Fruitsy/Sweet Lolita dress and shoes
-CLAMP In Wonderland Artbook
-Assorted Manga (english and japanese)
-Learn Japanese book
-Anime DVDs and VHS
-Junon Magazine (Special W-INDs Interview Edition)
-Petite Seventeen 25th Anniversary Fashion Issue
-Anime Poster
-Gundam Wing Altron Model
-How To Draw Anime books
-Assorted Anime/Manga Items
-Vagrant Story PS Video Game

Eh... its so much I'll list it by LJ cuts XD!!

All terms above item's photo. Highest offers always sells for all items. For making offers, you must increase with whole amounts ($60, $63, etc.). No change (i.e: 60.25)!! All comments are screened. Reference Feedback @ (genkihikaru) on ebay. International buyers welcome! Does not include shipping! My e-mail is at (ryuchama [at] gmail [dot] com)

Nightmare's Ruka Poster. Perfect Condition [AUTOGRAPHED]. Offers only!

Duel Jewel Photo Card Lot. Will sell seperately OR as set. Offers only!


Junon Magazine (slight tare on cover) W-INDs Interview March 2004 $12 or reasonable offer

Petite Seventeen 25th Anniversary Fashion Magazine. Used Condition. $5

Manga Lot. Good Condition. $5 each. All English

I.N.V.U Issue 2
I.N.V.U Issue 3
X-Day Issue 1
X-Day Issue 2

Kare Kano Issue 1
Battle Royale Issue 1
Battle Royale Issue 2
Initial D Issue 1

Initial D Issue 2
Initial D Issue 3
Initial D Issue 4
Initial D Issue 5

Large Manga Books. Good Condition. $10 each.

Gothic Lolita Bible Issue 8. Fairly Good Condition, has back crease, see photos. $15 or reasonable offer. Includes patterns.

How To Draw Manga. Good Condition. $15 each

How To Draw Manga Couples
How To Draw Manga Maids and Miko

CLAMP In Wonderland Artbook. Fair Condition. Has stain on back cover. See photos. $10 or reasonable offer

X Manga IN JAPANESE Asuka Comics. Good Condition. $7 each. Can be sold as set for reasonable offer.

X Issue 1
X Issue 2
X Issue 3
X Issue 4
X Issue 5

How To Learn Japanese. Used Condition. $5 or reasonable offer

YAOI DOUJINSHI. Not Graphic. Initial D Ryosuke/Keisuke. INCEST. $10 or reasonable offer

Cardcaptor Sakura Fashion Dolls. $20 each or set for reasonable offer. Still in box


Double Sided Anime Poster. $3 or reasonable offer. Not sure what animes D: sorry!

Angel Sanctuary Crystal Book Covers. $10 or reasonable offer

Saiyuki Liquid Mouse Pad. $20 or reasonable offer

Full Metal Alchemist Crystal Folder. $5 or reasonable offer

Gundam Wing Altron Model. Brand New. $15 or reasonable offer SOLD

Assorted Anime DVDs. $15 each. Hack Sign can be sold as set for reasonable offer.

Galaxy Angel DVD 1
Ruronin Kenshi The Movie
Marriage DVD 1

.Hack//Sign DVD 1
.Hack//Sign DVD 2

Anime VHS $5 each or reasonable offer

Trigun Lost Souls [SUBBED]
Ruronin Kenshin Eps 5-8. [DUBBED]

Vagrant Story PS Video Game, comes with 2 demo disks and game. $8 or reasonable offer. Playable but Used condition SOLD

Fruitsy/Sweet Lolita Dress. Size Small. Approx. 25" waist. Offers only.

Fruitsy Shoes. Size 6. $15 can be sold with dress for reasonable offer

Fruitsy Metal Life Saver Purse. $10 or reasonable offer.

WOO!! That was A LOT! XD Anywhoo! Good luck for those who are interested and THANK YOU to those who do buy! ♥ If you have any questions e-mail me :)
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