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Manga, DVD, Jrock

Here is some stuff I am selling right now, as much as it hurts me to do so and let go of it. I need the money. If you would like to negotiate prices please comment or email me. Also if you would like a picture of it let me know and I can scan the image, I unfortunatly don't have a webcam or digital camera. Everything is in excellent condition though.

Manga: (add $3 for shipping to items priced)

1. Samuri Deeper Kyo vol. 1 - $4
2. X/1999 - vol. 8 - $4
3. X-Day - vol. 1, and vol. 2 - $4 a piece or $8 together

DVD: (add $3 shipping to items priced)

1. GTO vol. 3 - $7
2. GTO vol. 9 - $7

Jrock goods:

1. Poster of Daishi in white costume with Angel wings (same as in "With" video
size - 12x16 1/2 inches and lamanated (was bought like this) in excellent condition!
$5 and add $1 for shipping.

CD's: (add $4 for shipping to item priced)

1. Pierrot - Smiley Skeleton single (limited release) - $16

2. Pierrot - Psychedelic Lover single (limited release) - $15

Thank you.

Love and Peacea!

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