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still have some things to sell or trade

I still have alot of doubles to get rid of please take a look at this short list.
you can check my page for other items,my wishlist, pictures as well as feedback.

Sailormoon english vol1 and supers1 $15 obo
sailormoon Japanese 1st edition vol.1first pages have color and vol.1-2&7 that do not. $5 obo
sailormoon jap filmbooks full color 1&5&  $5obo
tsubasa reservoir chronicle 1-10, 12-13 $5 each
xxxholic 1-5  $5 each
ranma 1/2 jap 1-38 $5obo each
ranma 1/2 english comics part6(7,9-14) part7(1-14) part8(1-13) part9(1-11) part10(1-11) part11(1-9) best offer
inuyasha jap 1-40, 42 best offer
inuyasha eng larger 1st edition 3-4&7-12&12 and actionedition 1-2&4-10&13-14&16-18 $5 each obo
inuyasha animanga full color 1-3&5bo best offer
and alot more....

Other items
escaflowne model kits $15-45each
cardcaptor sakura notebooks and dolls $1-10 each
magic knight rayearth dvd boxset $15obo
final fantasy trading figure rinoa heartilly best offer
and alot more...

sellers journal below

picture link below

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