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UPDATED: FS Yuutsuzu (2 available), Xiao Fan, Sol and William

*X-post to various places.^^'

Hello everyone:D I got lots of inquiries about Yuutsuzu, so I managed to get 2 more of this doll.

Item - NRFB Yuutsuzu
Qualtity - 2 (1 nude doll on hold, 1 stock is sold)
Price - Complete doll@ 80US$ + shipping, or nude doll@ 55US$ + shipping

ADDED:Xiao Fan, Sol and William. Detail under the cut.:D

NRFB Xiao Fan @ 75US$ + shipping.

NRFB Sol @ 80US$ + shipping.
NRFB William @ 80US$ + shipping.

By the way, I got some of those extra 'mini DS' that could be use with Pullip. Please check under the cut for more detail.

I got nos.1,3,4 and 5. Nos.4 being Mario Bros and I got 3 of those.^^' Yeah, buying thru the capsule machine is kind of tiring.^.^' I'm asking for 5US$ a piece + shipping.

Since the ice cube blue color is so popular I decided to get more of those.:)
NOS.5 x 1
NOS.6 x 3

DS status:
Nos.1 - 1 is available
Nos.3 - 1 is available
Nos.4 - 1 is on hold, 1 is sold, 1 is still available
Nos.5 - 1 is sold, another one from personal collection is sold

Restocked item:
Nos.5 - 1 is available
Nos.6 - 3 is available

I'm based in Japan and can accept payment (both CC and non-CC) via Paypal. Please contact me for shipping quote. There are 3 types of shipping method available.
1. Airmail
2. Registered Airmail
3. Express EMS shipping

My feedbacks.

Ebay - http://myworld.ebay.com/fnyfk142/

My little LJ's feedback.:)

Thank you everyone for looking~:)
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