shoujo22 (shoujo22) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB these English Manga and L'arc~en~ciel stuff

Hi there! I'm looking for these manga for ~$3-$3.50 each. Please give me at least a day to respond to you before you make an offer to another buyer ^^. Anyway, I need these stat and can pay first thing on Monday morning.

Tenshi Ja Nai 3 and 4
Blade of the Immortal 3,4,5,&6 (willing to pay b/t $3 and $6 each)
Threads of Time 7 & 11
Devil May Cry
CLAMP's Wish 1-4

Also, is anyone selling L'arc~en~ciel concerts for$25 or less?

I would prefer a 2-5 day shipping to 71109 as these will be Christmas gifts. ANY AND ALL OFFERS WILL BE APPRECIATED!
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