M.A.D. Queen of Malak Ta'us (_maldorora) wrote in garagesalejapan,
M.A.D. Queen of Malak Ta'us

gothic and ega/egl brands for sale at ebay

XXXXX!-posted, so my apologies if you are bombarded.


many gorgeous, excellent condition Japanese brands for sale...click to find h.Naoto, Ba-Tsu, Marble, Vivienne Westwood's Sexy London Dynamite,and more!
also for sale: some lab., goatbed, harajuku hello kitty, some old malice mizer magazines with massive photoshoots in them, a fine book on sakurako dolls from the Marie Cuore Museum in Tokyo, and other delectables from Japan--and some from my closet, including a Gallery Serpentine pvc bustle skirt.

I also have a couple of those eroguro-style Japanese eyebandages for sale.

~All auctions end within 3 days, and paypal preferred, as i need money NOW ;-; to pay the state of georgia! i do combine shipping!
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