garagesaleleann (garagesaleleann) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Huge amount of new items added!

I'm trying desperately to make some cash/get rid of things so I've added at least 100 things within the past week.
Also, I have a holiday raffle going on!
  • manga: pita-ten, digi charat, kamichama karin, cowboy bebop, crescent moon, record of lodoss war, onegai teacher, shirahime-syo + more
  • anime dvds: ai yori aoshi, petite cossette, hentai, free newtype samplers + more
  • anime posters: ai yori aoshi, ghost in the shell, bleach, magic kngith rayearth + more
  • anime figures, trading cards, fliers, figures, furoku + more
  • TONS of j-rock flirs, miyavi posters, miyavi lami cards
  • TONS of hello kitty goods, clothing, accessories
  • kawaii stationery grabbies, hair clips, strawberry slippers, fashion magazines
  • japanese dvds, fans, posters
  • lolita Heart E brand maid dress
  • video games, punk clothes, TONS of accessories, perfumes, freebies, jewelry + more
  • doll/MSD clothing, pullip doll
all at garagesaleleann 
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