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M A N G A + Doll Clothes + CDs + Posters

Needs a home, please look over everything. Feel free to negotiate if you feel the prices need tweaking

A few guidelines though -

x. I accept Paypal (preferred), checks and cash AT YOUR OWN RISK
x. I don't do holds. I find people flake out. Though on occasion, I will make exceptions
x. I'm in the US but I will ship internationally but please be aware it will cost more.
x. I don't do trades, I have enough things at the moment
x. Negotiate with me if you feel the price is unreasonable
x. Everything is in good condition unless otherwise stated
x. I have good feedback here at garagesalejapan, eBay and DoA.
x. It's best that if you want to purchase something, please message me through LJ I sometimes don't check this entry

x. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. I've gotten a handful of people wasting my time. So please, PLEASE PLEASE don't make me calculate prices for shipping if you're not interested.

Yaoi Manga

It's a yaoi manga collection type of magazine. Different mangas from different authors. All Japanese text
6$ plus shipping

Gravitation 1-4
5$ for one, 20$ for all four plus shipping


DNAngel 1
5$ plus shipping

The World Exists for Me 1 + 2
5$ for one or 10$ for both plus shipping

Paradise Kiss 2-5
5$ for each or 20$ for all 4 plus shipping
*NOTE - Para Kiss 1 has been sold!

Vampire Princess Miyu 2 + 3
Very old and rare Vampire Princess Miyu graphic novels.
8$ for one or 16$ for both plus shipping

Bleach 1-5
Stray Bleach volumes left over.
5$ for one or 25$ for all of them plus shipping
NOTE: volumes 11 and 13 are SOLD

Wish 1-4 First pressing editions with the colored artwork fold out in the beginning of each volume.
5$ for one, 20$ for all 4 plus shipping

DearS 1 + 2
5$ for one, 10$ for both plus shipping

Demon Diary 1 + 2
5$ for one, 10$ for both plus shipping

12 Days
5$ plus shipping

DMP's Illustration book. it's really more like a collection of manga from different artists. It's a beautiful quality book and this one for sale is number 1 of the series. Unfortunately, the cover was ripped on the back so I only left it on for the picture, if bought, it will be shipped without the cover. It's priced normally for 25$ but I'm selling it for 15$ plus shipping. Please keep in mind it is a little heavy so shipping will depend heavily on where you are from.


Medium sized Takeo poster from ex- Pierrot. Comes laminated and in a plastic covering that is removable
7$ plus shipping


(Sorry for the blurry picture I couldn't get the picture no matter how many times I took it over)
Kiyoharu's solo CD Poetry It's mint condition, in fact, I don't even think I listened to it but it was unwrapped and looked at then placed on a shelf. The CD itself slides out from the sleeve and everything is in mint condition.
10$ plus shipping

Fruits Basket DVDs 1-4
I have all 4 Fruits Basket DVDs that have only been watched once and then put back in their case. They're in mint condition and the only thing they're missing is the plastic wrapping they came in.
10$ each plus shipping

Doll Clothing
All doll clothing is for a SD size doll. Some of it can be unisex but it's all boy clothes.

Amelie Tailor shirt - 15$

Iplehouse tshirt - 15$

Cotin Doll coat (back up on sale) - 40$
My previous buyer fell through -__-;;;


This is Hee Jun's first solo CD Alone. The marks on the CD are not marks, just part of the CD jacket underneath. The cover is semi-translucent. In mint condition.
10$ plus shipping

Shinhwa's 4th CD. In perfect condition, listened to only once, if even that I think.
10$ plus shipping

Please remember to message me through LJ if you're interested in something!!

Thanks for looking!
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