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15 December 2008 @ 11:42 am
Selling: Kanjani8 - KJ2 Zukkoke The Great Escape LE  
Hi there!

I'm selling: Kanjani8 KJ2 Zukkoke The Great Escape [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]. This item is unopened (brand new) and is the original japanese release. This item is out of print and is no longer produced!

Price: USD$50 (shipping not included) or the best offer. I'm in need of money for the xmas, so the price is negotiable! I'm willing to ship worldwide! Click below for pics and more information.

Item: Kanjani8 KJ2 Zukkoke The Great Escape [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
Discs: 2CD + 1DVD
Catalog No.: TECI-8001
Condition: Brand New (Unopened)
Price: USD$50

Photos: (More photos will be taken upon request)

- Payment & contact details:
For questions feel free to e-mail me. My e-mail and my paypal address are the same: negar_ahmadifard@msn.com.
I'm really sorry, but I only accept paypal at the moment, it's safe and the only method I'm familiar with. Preferably Non-CC Paypal, however I accept CC Paypal too, as long as you pay the fees.

- Shipping details:
The item is going to be shipped from The Netherlands. The price of the item doesn't include shipping. And I am not responsible for lost or damaged mail.
This is an estimate price list of the shipping which I took from website of  TNT Post:

- Standard:  $8 
- Priority:  $10  (takes 1-6 days)

Outside Europe:
- Standard: $12 
- Priority: $15  (takes 4-10 days)

If you would like to know the accurate shipping costs, please e-mail me. Registered mail will cost more though. I'm willing to ship worldwide!!

Please provide me the following information when commenting or e-mailing.
Name/LJ name:
Shipping Method: (Registered/Priority/Standard/etc...)

 Again, for questions feel free to contact me through e-mail! Thank you!