2¾ cups of sleep (kaworu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
2¾ cups of sleep

hallo! looking to swap some of my odds and ends manga if anyone has the volumes i'm looking for to complete a few of my series.. all of these books are in mint condition, only been read once or twice, no shelf wear, et cetera, so i'm looking for mint manga in return. :3

also willing to burn copies of my cds for anything of my list.. click here for my cd list.

thanks ahead of time for your consideration.

what i have:
peach girl: change of heart vol. 1
ranma 1/2 vol. 1
marmalade boy vol. 7
excel saga vol. 1
sorcerer hunters vol. 1

i have angelic layer vols. 1-3 as well, but don't really want to trade them.. only for something marked with a star below.

what i want:
x/1999 vol. 17(!)*
sailormoon vols. 8 & 9*
sailormoon stars vols. 1 & 3*
only the ring finger knows*
x/1999 vols. 6-15 (new versions)*
neon genesis evangelion vol. 9
imadoki! vol. 4
fruits basket vols. anything-but-4
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