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Selling off a collection

Yo. Scanned this place over. Hopefully, I'm not stepping on any toes in this post. This is copied and pasted from my personal journal with a few edits.

I'm willing to sell the following manga:
Saiyuki 1-9
Saiyuki Reload 1
Fullmetal Alchemist 1-10 sold
Gundam Wing: Blind Target
Gundam Wing: Episode Zero
X 1-17
Lawful Drug 1-3
CLAMP Campus Detectives 1-3
Tokyo Babylon 1-3
Yami no Matsuei 1-11
FAKE 2 (I believe, this one I'll have to search for)

All of which are Japanese language. All manga is in like new condition; I treat my manga better then I treat my friends. I'm asking $5USD for a single volume of manga. Some manga are worth more then others. Ask if you wish the the price of one manga. I give deals on sets, but am willing to break up sets for people. I also own Tsubasa 1-8or9, but it has to be a damn good offer to make me consider giving those up.

I have Gundam Wing, FMA and X artbooks. If you want one, just name the series and I'll take pictures of them.

I also own all the Gundam Wing Operations and most, if not all, of the Kenshin soundtracks. I have most of the original cases (I'm missing one Kenshin). Again, the CDs are in excellent condition. I am very careful when it comes to my stuff.

I have one Inuyasha plush and keychain I'm willing to sell. A picture of them can be found in this post. I have small FMA keychains that I'm willing to give up as well. Comment if you want a picture. I also have a Evangelion figure (of Evangelion 2) I can sell. Again, comment if you want a picture. I can't promise much with the figure though; it's been with me forever and hase gone through hell and lost a lot of hands.

To top this all off, I have loads of English manga. Mostly Sailormoon, Pokemon, Blade of the Immortal and Gundam Wing. I have a good about of old magazines (MIXX, Tokyopop and the such). I have two Chobits volumes and about 5 of Battle Angel Alita. I have a couple Pokemon volumes. I think I have one volume of Blade of the Immortal, but I have to look to make sure. There's probably more that I am forgetting and will probably post about tomorrow.

All of this I'm willing to sell in effort to (at least) break even. I'm also going to be listing one FMA doujinshi (if no one here wants it, here is the auction I got it from) and a kimono and hakama lot (sold) as soon as it arrives (unless, again, someone here wants it).

Again, here is all my eBay auctions. All of which are doujinshi.

Once again, if you are interested in anything and want pictures or other information, feel free to ask. I'm willing to take any and all pictures that I can. If you know someone who would like any of this stuff, feel free to pimp this out to them. I would be very very grateful to you. Again, if you buy a good amount, I will try to transfer the remaining of my paid time to your account.

[edit:] I'd just like to say that I willingly quote prices; these are the prices I bought the stuff at. I am willing to take your best offer though.

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