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09 June 2005 @ 08:40 pm
Here are some things I have for sale.

I can only accept money orders as a form of payment at this moment.

$10 each + shipping (your choice)
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1: Cranberry Soda by Ryuichi Kawamura
2: Promise Eve by Shazna
3: Gold Sun and Silver Moon by Shazna
4: Greatest Hits - Shazna (2 disc set w/ two boolets and two lyric sheets/ very good condition) - $15 (Forgot the pic of it ^^;;)
5: Bastard Eyes by Zilch
6: Eden by Luna Sea {Hold.. I think ^^;}
7: Dwellers of a SandCastle by La'cryma Christi {On Hold}

$10 + shipping (your choice)
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1: Dragon Rage (PS2)

$7 each + shipping (your choice)

Vol 1
1: Ragnarok - Vol 1
2: Level - C (Yaoi)(EN) {Sold and Recieved}
3: Wolfs Rain - Vol 1
4: Gravitation 1 - 8 ($60 (8x7(price of mangas)=$56 + 4.00 shipping and handling = $60 ^_^ I will change shipping if wanted, but thats going through priority mail ^^)

$15 each + shipping (your choice)

1: Saiyuki Vol 2 (orignial)
2: Gravitation, all episodes, $10 or obo, bootleg (Note: The subs are shitty >>; but if you understand Japanese, its good :D){On Hold}

$5 each + shipping (your choice)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
1: Plastic Tree

I will trade on the manga's except Gravitation unless its something I REALLY want ^^;;

Items I'm looking for:
I like little things like pencil boards (Prince of Tennis (Fuji) and Weiss mainly), pretty much anything Prince of Tennis (especially phone straps, keychains, stationary, posters, clear files, etc. No manga's though ^^;;), cute anime planners, etc