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h.Naoto/h.Anarchy PLUS Cardigan sweater – Black, Red & white

h.Naoto/h.Anarchy PLUS Cardigan sweater – Black, Red & white

This sweater has only been worn once; it’s in perfect condition, no rips, tears or anything. It’s not very thin, and not very thick at the same time, I just have no where to wear it to. (Due to the saying on the back I certainly can’t wear it at the office, and I have no time to wear it else where.) It can fit just about anyone who wears a body type from Medium to XL depending on bust size, so it’s quite versatile. Its from the h.Naoto PLUS line so its made for more curvy girls, as some of you know how Japanese fashion can be a bit of a constraint in certain area’s, not to be TMI but my bust is a 38 DD and it fits just right, you can probably go a size up and still be ok, and anywhere from a D to a C will fit perfectly. Pictures follow.  It does have a "dirty" saying on the back of it, which is in part why I loved the damn thing, see photo 8 for detail.

I’m basically seeing what I can get for it. I originally paid 90$ for it. I’ll keep it up for sale til Friday at 3PM central time, the person who bid the most on it will get it, I’ll ship it as soon as payment clears from PayPal.

Brand: h.Naoto
Line: h.Anarchy
Size: PLUS (L-XL)
Color: Black; Red & White accents.
Style: Cardigan; button-up, two pockets.
Photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Price: 90$
Shipping: 5$ (US only); Outside US varies.
Payment: PayPal only.

*Note: I think 5$ should cover shipping in the US, if it’s a few dollars more I don’t mind covering it, however I will not cover over 10$ or shipping outside of the US. I will try to get it weighed for your zip code. I also do not mind shipping outside the US, just know that shipping varies for other countries.

For inquiries and further details or any other questions just e-mail: zetsubou.romansu(a), make sure to note what its about so I will be sure to check it.


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