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Posted this to gunslingergirls about seven months ago. No takers. Help me out here, garagesalejapan! D: Also, first time posting here, so... um, sorry if I look like a complete idiot?

This is the only picture of the book that I can find online. Just ask if you'd like me to take a better one~

This is a mint condition official fanbook for Bittersweet Fools, a game that Aida Yu contributed character designs to, only looked through once or twice. Aida is best known for his excellent series Gunslinger Girl. There's a CD of instrumental music from the game included with the book which I listened to once, as well as a trial edition of the game on the same disc (PC only, entirely in Japanese); it's packaged in a thin case in the very back of the book, and I kind of ripped the case because I'm retarded, but it's by no means destroyed, so ask me for a picture if you're unsure. Obviously, this book is full of his art, so it's basically like an artbook of his very early work. This is extremely rare now — to my knowledge, you can't even buy this in Japanese stores anymore — so if you're interested, go for it! This is the perfect collector's item for a Gunslinger Girl fan.

RIDICULOUSLY IMPORTANT NOTE: Bittersweet Fools is an H-game and contains a lot of skeevy shit. Therefore, so does this book. Need me to elaborate on what exactly constitutes "skeevy shit"? Well, graphic underage sex, for one. I know, I know — trust me, I only bought it at the time because I was obsessed with Gunslinger Girl and Aida Yu's works. Just... please, don't buy this if it'll offend you. Thanks!

I shelled out, like, sixty or seventy dollars for this and I'd prefer to get at least fifty. I'm very much willing to haggle, though, if you so please. :3 No idea about shipping; I'd kind of like to stay within the US, but I'm desperate to get rid of this, so I'll calculate it depending on where you are. PayPal only. Thank you very much for your time!
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