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22 December 2008 @ 05:57 pm
[Selling] The GazettE - Merchandise! + Phantasmagoria Mirror!  
SELLING - The GazettE Merchandise! - all brand new in original wrapping!

Tour booklets
Black Moral Traveling kit
Wrist bands
Posters - Special edition + Last live!
Band Score Booklets
Tote bag
Photo set
Phantasmagoria Mirror!

Selling: The GazettE Merchandise + Phantasmagoria Mirror!

All items brand new! original packaging! Please click on the below links for details.

All items are shipped from Tokyo, Japan.
Paypal accepted.

Tour Booklet - Pulse Wriggling To Black - Tour booklet! 2007-2008

Tour booklet - 2007-2008 GRAND FINALE - Stacked Rubbish (Repeated Countless Error.)

Black Moral Travelling kit
Wrist Band Set
Band Score Booklets


Aoi Photo Set
Posters -
Tour Finale (Repeated Countless Error)


Posters - Last Live Special edition!

Black More Tote Bag
Phantasmagoria MIRROR!