Katherine Pryde Snape (kurtskitten) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Katherine Pryde Snape


Still looking for Christmas presents? Click here for my ordering information. I have some sales going, and if those don't apply, a lot of my prices are still flexible, so go ahead and buy some Xmas presents ^.^

10-25% off of orders $50 and up
Free shipping on orders $70 and up (after discount)
and ongoing sales on manga and posters!

All of these and more!: (listings in the journal have more than listed here)

Video Games and Accessories
- imports and US vers. Sega Saturn, DS, SNES, NES, Genesis
DVD - HBO series, Oh My Goddess, Ghost in the Shell, Digimon
Books/manga/phonebook manga - 85 manga (English and Japanese)
Action figures and UFO catcher dolls - Magic Knights Rayearth, Eva, Digimon
Keychains/pins - Sailor Moon, Saiyuki, Digi Charat, Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam
Anime and Sci-fi items

and more...

New items will be added as I unpack my moving boxes.

Kurtskitten ~ Kurtskitten ~ Kurtskitten

I do accept trades. Please check out My Wishlist for ideas. Not limited to it, but I especially like anything to do with Rockapella.
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