Rexy or Jenny (snarecrazi) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Rexy or Jenny

need these extra sets gone asap

All these extra sets of mangas need to be cleared out of my collection.
They are new and unread, i have my own private collection aside from these.
if you dont like the price make an offer i also do trades.
Shipping is included in prices as long as your within the us.
If you are outside let me know so i can calculate your shipping.

Tsubasa reservoir chronicle 1-10  $7 ea. or $65 set
xxxholic 1-5  $7 ea. or $31 set
pita ten 1-8 $7 ea. $48 set
ranma 1/2 1-38 best offer
inuyasha 1-40 and 42 best offer
evangelion 1-8 $7 ea. $48 set
sailormoon 1 and super s1 $17 ea. $31 set
bleach, gundam, trigun and more....
For entire manga list and mroe photos click my seller link at bottom.


click here for my sellers journal post of mangas only

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