Brandi (destinyandfate) wrote in garagesalejapan,

It's me again. I still have some stuff to sell.
I have added a few things, and sold off some others.
Prices are negoitable. Willing to ship international.
Sony flash drive 256 mb ($20)
Lunatic Partyvol.3  pg.180 (SM het)($7)
Selenity Romance pg.158 (SM het) ($7)
IWP(Ikebukoro West Gate Park) ($6)
Clamp's Shirahime- Syo book ($7)
Comic Party tokyopop vol.1,2 ($5 ea.)
Tokyo Babylon dvd ($6)
Noir vol.1 ($6)
Girl Got Game Tokyopop vol.1-4,6($5 ea.)
Sailor Moon POcket mixx 1-11 vol. 8 -on hold ($5 ea.)
Salior Moon Supesr pocketmixx 1-4($5 ea.)
Model tokyopop vol.1-2 ($5 ea.)
Celestial Legend Ceres Viz graphic novel vol.1,2 ($6 ea.)
Card Captor Sakura Tokyopop($5 ea.)
Kiss Me Kill Me vol.2,3 ($5 ea.)
Ai Yori Aoshi Tokyopop 1-4($5 ea.)
Bastard Viz graphic novels vol.1-5 ($6 ea.)
Kodocha Tokyopop vol 7,10 ($5 ea.)
Only the Ring Finger Knows (yaoi) ($6)
Taimashin vol. ($ 6)

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