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things to sell

I need money to make a costume for Otakon. Help?

Slightly graphics heavy, but I'm sure you can handle it. ^_^;;

Avril Lavigne -- Let Go. Played only a couple times. CD, booklet perfect. Case has shelf wear. $10.00

Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack. Features all the rock songs from the movie. CD and booklet perfect. Case has a sticker on it I can't get off. I can exchange the cover for another one if you'd like. $9.00

Aaron Carter -- Oh Aaron. CD, booklet: perfect. Case: shelf-wear. $9.00

Aaron Carter -- Aaron's Party (Come on Over). CD, booklet, case: perfect. $10.00

NSync single -- Together Again. Features two versions of Together Again (radio and album), Giddy Up, and Sundreams. CD, insert: perfect. Case has a sticker on it that I can't get off. -_-;; It says "made in Germany." I can attempt to get it off. $11.00

NSync single -- I'll Never Stop. Features three version of I'll Never Stop (radio, album, karaoke), and two remixes of Bye Bye Bye. Case has a sticker on the back that says "Made in Holland" and some shelf wear. CD and insert perfect. $12.00

NSync single -- Dirty Pop. Features two versions of Dirty Pop (breakdown and no breakdown). CD, booklet perfect. Case has minor shelf wear. Purchased in Canada. $12.00

NSync single -- For the Girl Who Has Everything. Features three versions of For the Girl (radio, album, unplugged) and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. CD, booklet perfect. Case has shelf wear. $10.00

NSync "Backstage Passes" -- I forget how I got these; I think they came with the marionettes. I have two of Joey and one of Lance. One for $0.50, all three for $1.00, or one free with any NSync purchase totaling over $15.00.

NSync mini puzzles -- Only opened once and put together to make sure all the pieces were there. 50 piece puzzles, measures 5x7 when completed. $1.50 each.

NSync wallet calendars -- stiff cards the size of credit cards featuring a calendar on the reverse. All except the "Celebrity"-era Justin feature the year 2001; Justin's is 2002. $1.00 each.

NSync Limited Edition Bear -- Justin -- A "Limited Edition Rare Bear" wearing an adorable hat and shirt with Justin on it. The picture's just starting to crack on his shirt, though, and his tag is a little worn. He's number 22399 out of 35000. I'm taking offers on this one, but I want more than $10.00

NSync 2001 Calendar -- I have two. One I have cut the pages out to create wall pinups, the other is still in calendar form, all bound together. :D Calendar: $6.00. The Pin-ups: $0.50 each or $6.00 for all.

NSync Party Goods -- a plastic bag (with the name Grace on it), a small pin (about 3/4" diameter), and a noise maker (NOT USED). Fun stuff. $2.00.

NSync pin-ups -- Gathered these from random magazines and NSync books. xD A total of... oh who knows how many. $0.25 each or $10.00 for the whole bunch. Yes, that's how many I have. -_-;;

NSync stiff pin-ups -- My father bought these for me during NSync's 2001: a Pop Odyssey Tour. Stiff, glossy paper. 8x11". Markings on the back where I taped them to the wall. $7.00 each.

Harry Potter pin-ups: Features 11 (out of the original 15) images from the SS movie. Only three have been ripped out, the other four that aren't there are in the abyss that is my sister's room (I could try to find them for you... -_-;;) All the other posters are still nicely connected to the spine of the book. $5.00. (original price was $10.00)

The Prince and Me
Movie Theatre Posters: These are movie theatre sized; I stole them from my movie theatre. x.X Just kidding. sized about 3'x4'. Massive. The Prince and Me are chewed up around the edges due to the movie theatre light boxes (they're mean to posters). (I have two of those). The Wimbledon poster is barely beaten up around the edges. Prince: $4.00 each. Wimbledon: $6.00.

Random Posters: Each poster has been rolled up for at least three years. None of them have rips or tears of folds. Perfect condition other than the fact that they're all curly. xD $4.00 each.
Aaron Carter
No Strings Attached
Blue NSync
Justin 1
Justin 2
Justin 3
NSync Collage

Korean Stationary. My friend got this for me for my birthday (two years ago I think). It hasn't been opened, but the glue has failed me at the top of the package. xD Contains 6 sheets of really nice paper and three envelopes of the same paper. $6.00.

Sneak Peek: VIZ. (Fall 2004 - volume 4) Contains some of the first chapter of: Dolls, Tough, Wildcom, Wolf's Rain, Here is Greenwood, No Need for Tenchi, Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescene of Utena, W Juliet, and From Far Away. I received it in my Katsucon bag in February. Read once, so excellent condition. $6.00.

Shonen Jump volume 3 (Fall/Winter 2004). Contains Previews for Beet, Whistle, and Bleach. Received at Katsucon 2005. Never read. $6.00.

Ayashi no Ceres volume 9. English edition. My sister bought this for me after I had already received it from a friend for Christmas. xD Silly. Never read, prefect condition. $9.00.

Clever Letters -- Jazzy ways to spice up your letters. Almost new. $7.00.

The Smart Girls Guide to Boys -- Considering I'm above the age of 12, I no longer need this book. ^_^;; The title says it all. Almost new condition (it's been read, no major defects) $8.00.

Shonen Jump volume 2, issue 04 (April 2004). I bought this in Epcot to read on the bus ride home. It's only been read once, and is like new. Features Shaman King, Hikaru no Go, Naruto, One Piece, Ultimate Muscle, Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Ask me for specific chapters. :D $4.00.

Pioneer 2002 Trailer DVD. Features a trailer for basically every series Pioneer has ever released up to that point. Ask me for a specific title of an anime. I received it at Otakon 2002. Perfect condition, watched only once or twice. $6.00.

Letter Notepads. Never opened. 120 sheet pack contains red, pink, green and purple sheets. The 140 sheet pack contains orange, green, yellow and pink. $2.00 each or both for $3.00.

Mini Pisces book. Tiny book about the pisces zodiac. 127 pages. $3.00.

Mini Friendship book. Contains quotes about... well... friendship. $4.00.

The Icing (Claire's) Candle and Photo frame. Received for Christmas from a friend, never opened. Both the frame and the candle are silver-coloured. The frame can hold about a 2x3" photo. $7.00.

NSync Magazine by J-14. Please take this away from me. Features everything you'd ever need to know about NSync. $5.00.

Tiger Beat. $1.50. Features a lot about Aaron Carter. xD

YM -- received through the mail by a friend who then gave it to me. The front cover's a little beat up because it went through the mail unprotected, but perfect otherwise. $2.00.

Teen People. $3.00 each. Read only once or twice. Each is in near perfect condition (I say so because they've been read by a human being. xD). Ask me if you'd like the specifics about each magazine (date, contents, etc).

American Girl Pins
-- These were bought years and years ago. xD They measure about 3/4" diameter. None of them have ever ben worn. $0.50 cents each, Three for $1.00, or the whole lot for $15.00.

I'm new to selling things online, so be patient. :D Shipping for the small items will be from $1-3, the larger items will probably be around $4-8. For orders over $15, shipping is free! I CANNOT ship Internationally (with the exception of Canada)! Gomen nasai!

I also have some Kingdom Hearts TCG, Lord of the Rings TCG, and Sailor Moon CCG cards up for trade/sale. Contact me if you're interested. :D
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