Hollybot (thefreefall) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Manga and misc. for sale.

All right, so I'm broke. And I have a bunch of manga sitting around that would like a friendlier home - I never have time to read them! They're in varying condition ranging from slightly dog-eared (I call it loved!) to near mint, so if you're interested in a certain volume, let me know.

Prices are not set, and if you're interested in all of them or multiples, we can make a deal.

Offerings (all US releases) :
- Planet Ladder vol 1 & 4
- Kodocha vol 1
- Negima! vol 1
- Erica Sakurazawa : Nothing But Loving You
- A.I. Love You vol 1
- Gunslinger Girl vol 1
- ARIA vol 1 ... if you haven't heard of this, you owe it to yourself to look it up - The art is beautiful and so's the story, I simply haven't read it in a while.

Also available :
- Pink Cheer Bear (Care Bears) backpack. Small, fits about the necessary items for a con-going cosplayer. (Camera, cell phone, money, perhaps some keys.) It's very cute and has a bit of hair on the top of its head. I just don't use it anymore.
- Sailormoon alarm clock. Old style metal alarm clock, uses one C battery. Good condition. Very loud and obnoxious - Great for the Usagi in all of us. ^_~ (I collected alarm clocks for a long time, this is one of my old favorites, I just don't use it anymore.)

Photos of the bag and alarm clock can be taken if anyone's interested.

Shipping will be actual shipping. For books, I'd say it's about $3 for the first, $1-2 for each additional. Backpack would likely be about $4, and alarm clock probably around $4 as well. Will ship via Priority Mail or whatever, depending on buyer's needs. International buyers welcome, but I will check shipping before mailing it out - Have had problems with shipping costing more than I anticipated before.

I will accept money order, check, well concealed cash (buyer's risk!), and Paypal. I prefer Paypal, since it's fastest for all involved.

Questions comments whatever, post here! Thanks.
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