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Hallo again everyone! It's time for spring cleaning - and student loan paying. +_+ Please have a look at the list, and send me an email (milk AT with-healthy DOT net) or leave a comment here if you're interested in anything. All prices are negotiable. Thanks!

Kimono 45.00 + 10.00 shipping
Vintage kimono (1950's) from Japan. Minor damage due to normal wear and tear. I bought this kimono some time ago, but have not had an occasion to wear it, and have nowhere to hang it up for display. I'm hoping that someone will give this lovely piece a good home.
This is the kimono only, I am not including any accessories. Please see Ichiroya or Kyoto Kimono for obi and other accessories.
It is a good piece if you are a casual wearer, a collector, or just like kimono.
Pictures available on request (Sorry, I'm having trouble with my server ATM, so can't upload.)

Xenogears original soundtrack (2 disks) 15.00
Travis - The Invisible Band 6.00
FFIX Original Soundtrack 6.00
Flame of Recca Original Soundtrack 8.00
Final Fantasy the Movie Original Soundtrack 6.00
Luna Sea pencil board 5.00 SOLD, thanks!

CD Data Dec. '01 Feat. Gackt 10.00
Hyper Popbeat '01 (Gackt, Dir en Grey, Janne Da Arc, etc) 20.00
Popolo Jan. '02 Feat. Kinki Kids 8.00
Junon Jan. '02 Feat. Gackt" 10.00
Newtype Magazine June '01 Feat Inuyasha 10.00

Modded PSOne system (Includes: 1 controller, 1 memory card, all hookups) Can play import games. 60.00 or best offer

(Xenogears doujinshi)
Yaoi 1999.96 Paranoia by Yumi Shibata 8.00
Yaoi Les Anges des Confines by S.E. Night 12.00
Yaoi Dai-Enkai by (Various Artists) 12.00

Violinist of Hameln doujinshi
Destroyer by Nyan Nyan Neko 6.00
Public Q by Nomiki Seira 8.00

Valkyrie Profile doujinshi
Hanayome to Kishi by Dain Kuroko 10.00
Enix Official compilation #22 12.00

Rurouni Kenshin OAV artbook 12.00
Art of Final Fantasy IX 15.00
Princess Mononoke official story and art book 12.00
Orphen DX official artbook 15.00
Houshin Engi Jump Deluxe (Manga book) 15.00
Rurouni Kenshin pencil board 5.00
Evangelion postcards (4) 4.00
Digi Charat trading cards (1 pack) 3.00
X-1999 (CLAMP) postcards (6) 4.00 Hold
Hello Kitty cellphone case 6.00
Deleter Manga kit with 2 bonus sheets of tone 30.00
H2 Coloring book 3.00

Fushigi Yuugi Vol. 8 7.00
Shounen Jump No. 35 (Aug. 2001?) 6.00
Waru! Vol. 1, 14 4.00 ea or both 7.00
Zenki Vol. 10 4.00
Spriggan Vol. 8 5.00
ESP Ultra (Korean) 2.00
Electric Mermaid 5.00 Sold - Thanks!
Shounen Ai Sotsugyou M Vols. 1 - 5 4.00 ea. or complete set 15.00
Saint Tail Vols. 1 - 4 4.00 ea. or all four 10.00
Inu-yasha Vol. 4, 6, 18 4.00 ea or all three 10.00
Count Cain / God Child Vol. 1 4.00
Natsumi's Summer Vacation 2.00
Chao 2.00 Hold

I also have some old anime VHS for sale ($3.00 a tape), email me if you want a list. :D;;;

I'll take Paypal or Postal Money order. I'm really sorry, but I can't take cash by mail or Western Union Money Order. I'll take checks sometimes, but email me first, please. I've had problems with checks in the past. x.x;;

Thanks everyone!
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