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FFVIII & FFX poster and wallscroll!

I'm selling a huge FFVIII wallscroll featuring Squall. It's huge. Its around 44 1/2 inches or so and it's never been used. I've had this in it's tube for the longest time and I'm sure I'm not going to use it anymore. Anyways, there's a picture under the cut.

I'm asking for $25, shipping inside the US included (the tube is huge). If you live outside of the US, it'll be $5 more.

Next, I'm selling a FFX poster, featuring Yuna. Again, I've never used this, so it's in perfect condition. It's just there, collecting dust, so I'd rather sell it than for it to just have dust on it. ;-;

A picture of the poster is located here.

I'm asking for $15, shipping inside the US included. If you live outside the US, it's $3 more.

EDIT: I also have these anime DVDs which I dont watch anymore. A picture of the DVDs is located here.

The prices of the DVDs differ, so feel free to ask how much it is. Shipping for any of the DVDs is $2 inside the US. Outside the US will be $4.

I accept non-credit paypal & well concealed cash at your own risk. If you'd like more pictures or information on any product, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for looking!
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