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Cosplay for sale - Kuroshitsuji/black butler

Ciel Phantomhive Costume Cosplay for sale!
The costume is based off of the 'kissing skull' photo
This is an award winning costume that was recently worn to Anime Los Angeles 2009 (just this weekend)
it was awarded an Open Divison Attention to Detail award.

The costume for sale only includes:
Coat (the ribbon on the back is removable for versatility)
Vest (the vest is lined and has boning to give the wearer some support and a corset lacing finish in the back)
the Cage is also available for purchase and is made out of horse hair boning and plastic cased boning with lace and netting on top to give it a more avante garde look.

The $95, $10 shipping anywhere in the US and Canada. Priced for all 3 items. If you are are not interested in the cage at all, the price would be $85. The original cost to create the entire garment was over $100. So your getting this for a steal!


The coat is constructed to fit an industry size of 8-10 US Women
The vest can fit a size 8 US Women but can be adjusted in the back for more comfort as it is a corset back lacing.

The cage is attached via ribbon tie so it can fit up to a waist 36 and can be extended some more if needed

I've received an offer for this costume but the buyer has yet to reply to the invoice and it has been 2 days, so I'm putting  this costume back up on sale.


this photo should show the corset styled lacing in the back of the vest: and the progressional photo of the cage

The costume will be shipped to you in a box via priority mail so you'll receive it within 3-5 days after its been shipped!

Please give this costume a lovely home >3.

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