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Manga for sale

Hi there! I have some manga for sale. I'm moving to college in August, so I really need to get rid of these. So that's why I'm willing to take low prices for these. I take good care of my books, so all of them are in great or like-new condition. No bent corners or bad spines.

Pictures available upon request!

Marmalade Boy
Volumes 1-5
Separately: $7 each
Set: $28 (That's $5.60 a piece)
Condition: Excellent.

Demon Diary
Volumes 1-3
Separately: $7 each
Set: $17 ($5.60 per book)
Condition: Excellent.

And now here are some old, clearance-items that I haven't been able to sell.

Mermaid Saga
Volumes 1-3
This is an older Rumiko Takahashi series, but I really liked it. I just don't read it anymore. It's different from her normal comedy, but the characters and art are still as wonderful as ever.
Set: I will only sell this as a set, for $12. That's $4 per book.
Condition: Great

New Vampire Miyu
Volume 1
I bought this a long time ago for $18 and the art is gorgeous, but I just don't like the Miyu series that much any more.
Price: $5
Bonus: If you buy any set, I'll throw this one in there for free.
Condition: Like-new

Shipping will be by media mail and will be determined by how many books you buy.

I accept basically any form of payment: Paypal, money order, check, concealed cash.

Comment here or email me at tyr_stains(at)tokyo(dot)com.

Thanks for looking!
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