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Summer Clearance!

Since I'm moving, I can't take all of my stuff with me x__x; So summer clearance sale time! :D;

My auctions on ebay:
  • Imadoki complete ENGLISH manga set by YUU WATASE
  • Alice 19th complete ENGLISH manga set by YUU WATASE
  • Lot of 18 JAPANESE manga by YUU WATASE
  • Yami no Matsuei complete JAPANESE manga set by YOUKO MATSUSHITA
  • Kizuna JAPANESE yaoi manga #1-7 (almost complete) by KODAKA KAZUMA
  • Lot of JAPANESE and ENGLISH yaoi manga and rare artbook by KODAKA KAZUMA (creator of Kizuna)
  • FRAU magazine with nude GACKT on the cover -- Issue: July, 2002
  • Gothic Lolita Bible japanese magazine #8, complete with sticker and the paper pattern sheet
  • [HARD YAOI--Please, don't bid unless you're 18+] STINGER (S&M Yaoi) 1-10 japanese manga anthology set
  • [HARD YAOI--Please, don't bid unless you're 18+] ZETTAI REIDO (S&M yaoi) 24 japanese manga anthologies

  • *Before moving on, please, forgive the bad quality of my digital camera! I take care of my collection pretty well. Unless otherwise noted, the conditions of the items I'm selling/auctioning are within the range of EXCELLENT to GOOD conditions!

    *If you'd like more pictures, I'll try my best to provide you with them! Because I'm in the process of moving, my scanner's already packed and I can only rely on my digicam T_T;


  • KareKano/His&Her Cicumstances japanese manga volumes: 9-11 $3 each; $8 for the whole set.
  • L'Arc en Ciel doujinshi/manga (nonyaoi) by several artists = $5
  • Ludwig japanese complete manga set 1-3 by You Higuri Would prefer to sell as a set = $10
  • Gorgeous Carat japanese manga set 1-3 by You Higuri Would prefer to sell as a set = $10 RESERVED
  • L'ALLELUIA DES ANGES japanese manga set volumes 1&2 by You Higuri Would prefer to sell as a set = $5 RESERVED [??]
  • Cutlass japanese manga set volumes 1&2 by You Higuri Would prefer to sell as a set = $5 RESERVED
  • Azel Seimaden (before Seimaden series) by You Higuri $3 RESERVED [??]
  • Several One shot manga(s) by You Higuri (from left to right; top row then bottom row) = $3 each; $20 for all 7 RESERVED
  • Ramen Ikaga?!
  • Flower
  • Tenshi no Hitsugi
  • Kamen no Romanesque
  • Lost Angel
  • Shinkyouku
  • Sento no Hishin

  • YAOI MANGA = $3 each; 2 for $5; 3 for $8; 4 for $10 -- Please, don't buy if you're under 18 T_T;

  • Collection of yaoi manga by Youka Nitta Includes "When a Man Loves a Man" series (parts I--only one volume--and II--2 volumes) and "White Brand"? (not too sure about the title lol)
  • Level C, volumes 1 and 2
  • 2 yaoi mangas by Row Takakura ["OZ no Matenrou" and "Secret Area"] RESERVED
  • "Sensei no Ayamachi" by CHIRAN [RESERVED] and "Bath-Towel" by HIROMI TORIBITO
  • "Material Drive" by Asahi Shima and "Reitou hozon no Koi gokorou" (not really sure about the title ^^;) by Kai Nanase RESERVED
  • "Haito Diamond #2" and "Rub in Love" by Mika Sadahiro
  • Ren-ai Kagaku Jikkenshitsu" by Jun Kajimoto and "Office Love" by Shoko Fukuyama
  • "01 Monkey" by Miya Ousaka and "Nikita [don't know the kanjis TTATT]"
  • "Volurte Dependence Personne" by Hibakichi and "Logos" by Kahori Onozucca
  • "XY" by Asami Tohjoh and "The Bitter Dawn" by Mizuhara Chihiro

  • If you're interested in these, please comment or e-mail me at shofuzaki@hotmail.com. If you e-mail, please, make sure you put in a title to let me know that you're interested in buying from me (so I won't accidentally delete you because of spam filter)

    PRICES: Prices are NOT including shipping!

    PAYMENT: I'd really prefer paypal (confirmed addresses only, sorry T_T) and U.S. Postal money order (the green one). Unless you're a really close friend of mine, I'd rather not accept checks x___x; If you can't do the first 2 methods of payment, you can send cash through registered mail -- least preferred method.

    SHIPMENT: I would prefer to deal with U.S. and Canada only, sorry x___X; Shipping w/i the U.S. will be $3.75 for the most part. Save shipping cost by buying more~ X3 If you buy a lot of them (as in 10+), shipping would be free!

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