sakura212 (sakura212) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Update on Dounjinshi stationary + other items

Added mor binsen for sale

Free shipping for orders over $20 in US ($25 if wall scroll is purchased since shipping is more expensive)

Also for sale:
sukisho boxset - Very good condition - Make offer.
Elfen Lied Thinpak - Has slight shelf wear but overall very good condition - Make offer
Elfen Lied Artbox + v.1 - Acceptable condition (unfortauntely bought it like that off of amazon). Has intense shelf wear around all the sides and edges. Box has no dents though. Dvd is in very good condition

For those who dont know what binsen are, they are Dounjinshi Stationary. It can be used as letter sheets, but are also great collectibles because of their nice artwork.
Shitajiki Are pencil Boards, also viewed as a collectible due to its large variety of artwork.
Teleka's Are Phonecards, and has same concept as Shitajiki

All boards and cards in mind conition.
Most binsen are in excellent condition, but since they are paper, very few may have small creases. I will pinpoint which ones if those certain ones are chosen. Price may also reflect their condition.
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