Big Pimpin' (reppu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Big Pimpin'

Looking and selling!

Looking for the Witch Hunter Robin official boxset and Pilot Candidate DVDs 2-4. If you have any of these at a reasonable price, let me know.


Shonen Jump (complete for the first two years)
Chrono Crusade English manga 1-2
Kino's Journey DVD 1 with Artbox
Ranma 1/2 manga vol.5
Chinese yaoi manga
Yu-Gi-Oh card game: Yugi and Kaiba starter kits with Shonen Jump extra cards

Name your price! Pictures can be taken as needed. I'm willing to trade for:

Kizuna 3
Hands Off manga
Peacemaker Kurogane (DVD 3 or manga)
Gate manga (by Kisaragi Hirotaka)
Almost anything yaoi (just let me see it)

Still looking for the people who sold me stuff! I need to know if you got your money.
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