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Stuff for Sale

Hello everyone! I've been lurking around for a bit, but I have some stuff I would like to sell. I am in need of money for GenCon. Here is a little list of what I have. All the books are in great condition, only small marks on dustjackets (mainly on the japanese editions) due to minor shelf wear. Prices noted below in each section, shipping will be added onto the total price. If you are interested in anything please leave a note in the comments or please send me an e-mail to kimbee_blue@hotmail.com and I will get right on it! Also check out my ebay feedback @ http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=kimbee_blue&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS Thanks!!

English Manga:
(asking 5 dollars per book)

InuYasha (larger first prints)- #1,2,3,6
Ranma 1/2 (larger first printing)- #1
Fushigi Yuugi (larger print)- #1
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing- #1
Wild Act- #1,2,3,4
FLCL- #1
Naruto- #1,2
Flame of Recca- #1
.hack, Legend of the Twilight Bracelet- #1
Vampire Game- #1,2,3
Baby Birth- #1
Peach Girl Change of Heart- #3
Brigadoon- #1
Demon Diary- #1,2,3
Confidential Confessions- #1,2
Under the Glass Moon- #1,2

Japanese Manga:
(Sold as a set please)

Rurouni Kenshin (asking $75 for set) Volumes 1-21
Ayashi no Ceres (asking $20 for set) Volumes 1-4, 5,6
Fushigi Yuugi (asking $45 for set) Volumes 1-10, 14-16

Sailor Moon TV books (manga of a TV episode)(asking 4 dollars each):
Volume 10 (final fight with Queen Beryl)
Volume 1 of R season (fisrt encounter with Allen and Anne)
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