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19 June 2005 @ 08:30 pm
Please help.  

I am selling the Comic Party 4 DVD Box Set because I really need the money. Really. My roomies and I have found ourselves in a bit of a financial situation. -_-

It is Region 1 and has only been watched once, in excellent condition.

Asking Price: $55 + $5 shipping OR BEST OFFER! Please be reasonable. Don't offer me some silly price like $30. I paid over twice that for this set.

Payment Methods: I prefer PayPal, but will also accept money orders (International Postal Money Orders if you live outside the US). Because of the price I am asking for this, I would prefer to not accept cash through the mail unless you are willing to send it registered. ^_^;

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at: lovara_chan@hotmail.com

Thank you!
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