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Yaoi and gag doujinshi, yaoi japanese manga, and more!

I'm selling yaoi and gag doujinshi for series like Kyou Kara Maoh, Escaflowne, Fullmetal Alchemist, Getbackers, Samurai Troopers, Gundam Wing, and many more! Also check out my manga for yaoi (light, or explicit) books.

Doujinshi for various series - Gag and light yaoi doujinshi for many different series.
Doujinshi for Gundam Wing - various yaoi pairings and gag books.
Manga for sale - A few Japanese light yaoi manga, plus Gatekeepers in English.
Anime for sale - .hack//SIGN, Jewel BEM Hunter, and Mouse.

Adult manga and doujinshi - Yaoi doujinshi and manga, all in japanese.

I also have a few other items, like shitajiki and lots of binsen.

Comment on one of the entries or email me at septembertreasure[at]yahoo[dot]com if you see something you'd like to buy. I'm based in the U.S., and I prefer payment through paypal. Please enjoy the selection!
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