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HP doujinshi for sale :D

Ebay yanked my Harry Potter doujin auctions (except "Super Cool!!" see here: ) Grumble Grumble Argh Grumble... So I'm going to try listing them a few other places :D Follow the LJ-Cut for more info!

Harry Potter Doujinshi "Chocolate" 6.99

This auction is for the Harry Potter gag doujinshi "Chocolate." The doujinshi contains very cute chibi illustrations in several short gag stories; in one of these Harry reveals what's behind those glasses! The book is 28 pages long, and was published on 12/29/2001 by the artists Tekken Yubisakku and Turugi Momoko. Harry, Ron and Hermionie are featured, but Draco, Snape, the Weasley Twins, and Moaning Myrtle also appear. This book is used but in excellent shape with very minor shelf wear.
Images here:

Harry Potter Doujinshi - "Harf Done" 9.99

This is an extremely cute Harry Potter doujinshi, illustrated in a very "shoujo" stlye. The full title is "Harf Done ~Hanjuku no Discovery~" and it was published be the circle Spiral Bommer on 12/29/2001. It is 34 pages long. Lots of characters make an appearance in the many short stories in this book, including Tom Riddle; Draco with Crabbe and Goyle; and Harry's parents are featured in a touching section with baby Harry. It is used but in excellent shape.
Images here:

Harry Potter Doujinshi - "Frustration Magic" 8.50

This is a very nicely illustrated, 28 page Harry Potter normal Doujinshi entitled "Frustration Magic." It was published by the circle "Academic Star" on 12/29/2001. There are two main stories in this book. The first concerns Halloween at Hogwarts, and the second is a touching story of Harry sneaking out at night to see his parents in the mirror of Erised. There are also two shorts in the beginning of the book, centering on the main 3 and Draco. This book is in used but good shape, with minor shelf wear to the edges and small spine creases on the covers (Not very noticable - see pictures).
Images here:

Harry Potter Doujinshi - "Morgen" plus Bonus Doujinshi! 9.99

This is a wonderfully illustrated Harry Potter normal doujinshi entitled "Morgen" published by the artist Megane-Ya on 5/6/2001. A smaller-format book, it is 40 pages long. There is one main story in this doujinshi. A prequel to the series, it covers Harry, Hermionie, and Ron's experiences as they recieve their letters from Hogwarts up to the moment they meet on the train. McGonagall (who is amazingly pretty here) and Dumbledore also discuss Harry beforehand. Overall a wonderful book with excellent art, it is in used but great condition, with the exception of a small spine crease on the back cover and a few marks on the front that may be part of the textured paper, which has small flecks of colored fibers (see scan).
Images here:

Also included with "Morgen" as a bonus is another small format doujinshi called "Magical Dreamers Tour" published by Natural Green on 3/17/2003. It's a very cute 26 page doujinshi with two stories centering on the main trio plus Fred and George, but as it doesn't have the best artwork in the world, I'm including it as a freebie.
Image here:

That's it for now. I'll also consider any reasonable offers! You can see my feedback on eBay by going through the link at the top. Shipping for the doujinshi will be 3.85 through Priority Mail for any amount. Payment must be made through Paypal (NO credit cards please!) or money order :D You can contact me at: ebaker at memphis dot edu

Thanks for looking!
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