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Sailor Moon 4 sale, and a Rei(EVA) plushie

Hey gaiz!

- I have a Sailor Moon R Cutie Moon Rod on ebay right now. I racked up crapload of credit card debt over the holidays and am selling this because I have had this item for the least amount of time, so I figured it'd be good to sell it before I got attached to it. Shipping and condition info is in the ebay description.


- I also have these 5 Sailor Moon World EX2 cards. They are duplicates xo I wouldn't mind trading these though, since they're only cards, I doubt I'd get a whole lot of money to go towards my CC debt xDD I'd trade any of them to go towards SM World EX3 & 4 cards I don't have, and 5th Anniversary Memorial cards I don't have :)
Here's my Memorial card wishlist:
* Prisms - [ 1 - 11 ] *I always manage to just miss them -_-;;*
* Checklist Cards - [ 1 - 4 ]
* Regular cards - [ 1 - 13, 19 - 21, 27 - 30, 36, 40, 45, 46, 54, 56 ]

Or, they're $3 shipped anywhere in the US ($.50 each + the price of a stamp).
The shipping will be slightly more outside the US, but, probably not by much obviously %D


- And, last but not least, I have a Rei (EVA) plushie. She is adorable and near mint. The only flaw she has in on her tag where a little bit of the paper and been pulled off, but it's a small area, and I circled it in the picture. I'm selling it because they sent me the wrong plushie ^^;;; I like Rei, but she's just not my favorite or the one I ordered :( I ordered Bear Suit Asuka. I would rather either try to get some of my money back or trade her for Bear Suit Asuka if someone has her. But that woudl be the only thing I'd trade her for. She wasn't ridiculously expensive of course, but I'm not sure if I overpaid or not :x And because I don't want to rip either myself or someone else off, best offers please (or, once again, trade for Bear Suit Asuka!)


Cross posted like a mofo, sorry f-lists!
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