The Man in Black (antieden) wrote in garagesalejapan,
The Man in Black

Hello, fellow Garage Sale Japan members^^

I'm in a bit of a bind, so I needs to sell some things.


All manga $6 each. Shipping we'll calculate on the USPS site by location rather than guess and overcharge/undercharge. ^^;

Angel Sanctuary 2-4 English. Very good condition.
B.B. Explosion 1-2 English. Very good condition.
Descendents of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei) 1 English. Very good condition.
Gravitation 1-11. English. All in very good condition except for a little wear on the upper corners of books 4 & 5.
HanaKimi 1-4 English. Very good condition. I love this series... ;o;
Hellsing 1-3 English. Very good condition. (4 is on hold/sold)
Les Bijoux 1 English. Very good condition.
Marmalade Boy 1 English. Very good condition.
Record of Lodoss War The Grey Witch 1 English. Very good condition.
Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-5 Good-very good condition.
W Juliet 1-3 English. Very good condition. I really like this one too...

Full Moon o Sagashite 1 Japanese. Very good condition.
To Heart 2 Japanese. Very good condition.

I also have a Mana (MALICE MIZER/Cyberland dress) poster if anyone's interested in more information.

I'm also interested in selling this Utena coat (Utena from Shoujo Kakumei/Revolutionary Girl Utena) -- pictures found here and here. (Ignore my ugly faces, I was tired xD). Fits a small/medium. Has a zipper underneath that piping, but it's backwards. Best offer.

Andddd I'm also interested in selling this Sailor Mercury costume. (PGSM version). Included are leotard, skirt (it's removable), chest piece, and the two bows that are attatched, as well as the tiara and boots (size 8). This was worn at AX '04 and never since. It's a really awesome costume, but I have a different costume from the same series I'd wear over it (simply because I made it, unlike Mercury which was made by shelichan. I got amazing amounts of good compliments on this costume, it's just beautiful. Gloves are not included because they are worn (satin gloves have wear on the fingertips from the velcro of my bag >/ And I misplaced the elbow-things in my move.) Pictures can be found here (that's me at AX) and here (my roommate to take pictures for selling) and here (I'm on the right). Best offer. Fits small/medium. Skirt is removable and is attatched to a waistband with an adjustable wire. Top part is velcroed on the sides. It never came off unexpectedly.

Thank you^^
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