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24 January 2009 @ 09:51 pm
HUGE Visual Kei & Doujinshi Sale!  
Assorted Flyers, Magazines, Doujinshi!

Major Headliner items:
Lots of assorted flyers (Due'le Quartz, Phantasmagoria, 12012, Kagerou, Kra, Schwardix Marvally, lots more!)
2 issues of Gothic & Lolita Bible
Pirates of the Caribbean YAOI doujin (Will x Jack & Boostrap Bill x Jack)
several Lord of the Rings YAOI doujins (mostly Boromir x Aragorn or Boromir x Faramir)
2 Digimon Frontier doujin (Kouji x Koichi x Takuya)
1 extremly rare Yugioh HETERO doujin (Priest Seth aka Seto x GIRL JOUNOUCHI -Joey-)

SALE here at my personal LJ -IMAGE HEAVY & some explicit content-

Happy to combine any items, and happy to combine the shipping accordingly. I try and keep my prices reasonable for both you and me, 90% of these items I bought retail price in Japan and am trying to get a fair price for them. I am willing to consider offers and trade for Gazette or Dir en Grey items (specifically Kaoru or Kyo even better Kaoru x Kyo, paraphernalia, no CDs though I have plenty) and Mamegoma goods. I accept concealed US cash, money orders and paypal, items will only be shipped after the payment clears. Never sold anything on LJ but I'm an avid ebay user, please feel free to look at my 100% positive feedback here. Any questions or comments about the goods, larger images, shipping questions etc, please feel free to ask me anything, thank you for looking!