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24 January 2009 @ 09:17 pm
I'm New!~PKMN Cards 4 Sale!~  

Hi'a! I am new here and I have waaaay over 800 pkmn cards *few old cards tons of new ones!* From packs such as...

Please come and take a look at my Super Uber Duber list of cards for sale! READ THE TOP "RULES" OF THE LIST BEFORE LOOKING THROUGH THE LIST, THANKS! :D *Pay pal only please*
I not only have many cards but I also have collectables from when pokemon first came out!

Fallow the link to the super uber duber list!   

Looking for Specific Commons, Uncommons, Trainers and Supporters that are not on my list? Feel free to ask me! I have WAY too many cards to list all of them!
Thanks! :D