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Looking for Air Gear and TTGL doujinshies

Hi there! :)

I collect Air Gear doujinshies, but since they're pretty hard to find, I'll ask for your help, if anybody have a few for sale. I'm mostly intrested in Akito/Agito and Kaito centric ones (mostly R-18 rated), but all welcomed since it has the mentioned character or characters in them.
Here's a list of 30 doujinshies I've own so far:

- Konai Shinjuu
- Air Strip
- Akuma no Koibito Tenshi no Aijin
- Ryouki Tekina Seishun
- Starting Over
- Adolescent Boys
- Ikkitousen
- Burst! Stealth
- Love Gear vol 1
- Love Gear vol 3
- Cage
- Keep Together
- Entropy no Housoku to Taisaku
- AirDrop
- Edge
- Overheadz
- Grey Camera
- Ai no mama ni Wagamama ni
- G
- Ocean Beauty
- Bless You
- Green Green
- Stronghold
- Psycho Crazy
- Kazuagi 1.0
- Naa Onna Daro!?
- Top of Kids!!
- Kokoro Ni Meishi Hone Ni Chiribamu
- Anemone
- Agitz
- Cherry Coke

I've also looking for R-18 rated Adiane x Viral Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann doujinshies. I own just a few, so it's not a long list:

- Pavlov's Dog
- Cavaliere
- Tsuki wa mujihi na yoru no joou
- Adiane-sama ni Sashiagemasu
- Cor Scorpio

If anybody has any for sale, please contact me by PM. I'm from Hungary and I can pay you with PayPal, if that's okay. Thank you very much! :)
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