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Pre-Spring Cleaning Post!

I'm selling visual kei clothes, plushies, posters, CDs, and Pimsleur's CONVERSATIONAL VIETNAMESE.

How it's done: Serious buyers only! I am willing to negotiate the prices, however, since shipping is included in this I would like to keep it around the price that it's set at. But please do not hesitate to ask. I do not accept trades and am currently accepting paypal only. If you would like more pictures, please say so and I will post it for you in a reply to your comment.

All purchases are non-refundable and I will not be responsible for any mishaps that the package takes on during the time that it is being shipped to you.

Because of shipping costs, I will charge extra for international buyers.

Naruto Poster
$10 shipped
(This product will be rolled and shipped in a tubes.) In good condition. It has four tiny holes in the corners from tacks and can be re-used!

Vincent Valentine Poster (FFVII:AC)
$10 shipped
(This product will be rolled and shipped in a tube.) In good condition. It has four tiny holes in the corners from tacks and can be re-used!

Haji Plays Bach CD (from Blood+)
$15 shipped
NEW! Still has the plastic-wrap on it and everything!

Haji Plays Bach CD (from Blood+)
$10 shipped
Only played once. If you want pictures of the disk, please do not hesitate to ask. In great condition!

Naruto Plushie
$5 shipped
Like new, except it's not. It has a plastic ring on the top of its head for any sort of keychain use or any of the likes.

Tarepanda (SAN-X)
$15 shipped
Like new! This is the 7" one. Very rare!!!

$20 shipped
In great condition! I've only used the first disk one time. Everything else hasn't been played.

Akatsuki Cloak (from NARUTO)
$50 shipped
I bought this for $90. It doesn't exactly have a size on it because I bought it with custom sizing, but I'm a small/3.

Visual kei shirt
$19 shipped
Size small. The safety pins are add-ons that I did myself and it can be washed.

Visual kei Jacket
$28 shipped
Size S, even though it says 'M' on the tag. The edges are wired, so you can bend them to any sort of fashion you would like. The only thing wrong with this is that there are two places where the wire sticks out just a bit of the jacket. It can be easily mended with sewing, but I can't sew to save my life. 

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