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25 January 2009 @ 08:16 pm
Handmade Jrock Chibis  

Because i am a student, i will have to reduce the number of orders to one  a week.
I have put the option of making them bigger. If your interested on this option, let me know to give more details.

1.chaostie -99.5% complete
- PIERROT- Kirito

2.karenkk- 100% percent complete
-L'Arc~en~Ciel- Hyde


I make custom made Jrockers in chibi plushie form. Each one starts at $10. The price will increase depending on difficulty of the outfit. But the max price will always be $15.  (Plus paypal fee which is about .30 cents) Shipping and handling is included. I ship anywhere! You must have the reference pictures of the person you want. I need them to be of the full body front and back. i can look for the pictures myself but i will charge you extra. Screencaps are acceptable.I only take 1 order at one time. And one chibi per person. I will update once im finished and ready to take the next order. These chibis are for dispaly only.
     Sample 1:

With a simple outfit such as this one, its $10
        Sample 2:Yumehito
But an outfit such as this can go can up higher

          Sample 3: 


If your interested in one, please leave your:


2.Name of band and person you want me to make

Preferred Payment Method:


2.Concealed cash(AT YOUR OWN RISK!!)

Shipping from the United States to:

Canada: $2
Everywhere else:$3

Please leave: