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Need money for Miyavi concert~! Cheap/Negotiable Prices~!

Anime Matsuri announced their special guest this year as Miyavi. The convention runs April 10-12 in Houston. Missed him performing in the U.S. before? You have some time to make arrangements to see him LIVE.

I am selling:
Cosplay (Naruto, Fruits Basket, and Tifa),
Laminated Anime Posters, 
J-Rock Magazine CURE vols. 24, 40, 56 featuring Ayabie, RENTRER EN SOI and Kagerou,
and Japanese Collectible.

Will ship within/outside U.S. ^_^


~*All prices are negotiable!
    I accept PayPal and carefully concealed cash!
    Preferably ship within U.S. but will ship outside U.S. 
    Shipping is not included with price, it will be determined by location of buyer. But I do give a discounted shipping for those
    who buy more than one item, such as manga. 

If you have any questions or comments concerning personal information, please email me: bessalania2002@aol.com 

Items For Sale:

[Manga $3 each] or If you buy 6, $15 or If you buy 9, $22. For further numbers, please comment.

Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 1 - 3

~ D-Gray Man vol. 1

~ Miyazaki's Spirited Away vol. 1 (Full-colored pages)

~ Cowboy Bebop -Shooting Star- vol. 1

~ Pita-Ten Official Fan Book vol. 1

~Pita Ten Vol. 2 - 8

Note: Vol. 7 & 8 have a slight tear on the front covers at the top.

~DramaCon Vol. 3 (See above picture)

~Negima! Vol. 4, 5 & 9 - 11  All others were sold

~ Petshop of Horrors vol. 5

~ Anne Freaks vol. 1

[Cosplay Gear]

~ 2 Naruto Series 10 inch Wooden Kunai $5 each or $7.50 for the pair)

~Leaf Village Headband Adult Size $4

~QQCosplay made Blue Ninja Shoes Sandals Size 8 or 8 1/2 $14

~A Size Large Tifa Vest from Advent Children $7

Note: Cotten Material with working zipper. Has no pockets. Worn only once. Is machine washable. 

~ Fruits Basket Yuki Sohma Cotton Hat  $7

[Laminated Anime Posters]

~Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender  18x24 in. or 50x61 cm. $5 

Note: has small pin-holes on each corner from tacks.

~Naruto   21x15 in. or  53x38 cm.  $4

~Katamari featuring a plethora of anime characters $2 or IS FREE IF YOU BUY ONE OF THE POSTERS ABOVE

Note: Has holes in each corner plus a big dent right above the cat near the edge of poster.


~Samurai Champloo $10

~Sailor Moon $12 [Rare]

[Japanese Collectibles]

~Pink Chopsticks with Geisha Girl (used for decoration only) $3

[Cure Magazines]

~ 09/2005 vol.24  $12

This issue features Kagerou on the cover. Also features articles with Ruvie and Alice Nine. Band Close Ups with Panic Channel/ PANIC*ch, The Dead POP Stars, Karen and Renter en Soi. Make up tips from Vidoll and gossip and much much more!! 194 pgs.
Includes a large sized fold out poster of the cover band.

~ 05/2008 vol. 56  $14

This issue features a special double cover with the vocalist from RENTRER EN SOI on the front and Chariots on the back cover. New size (8.25x11 inches) and look made with special poster quality paper. Its like having a mini poster on every page. Band close-ups of Panic Channel/PANIC☆ch, VelBet x [_Vani:lla], Guy's Family, Kaya, Megamasso. Also features make-up tips from Tsubuku from Billy, a special look at all-girl bands, and two english interviews with Chariots and RENTRER EN SOI.  

~01/2007 Vol. 40 $12    ON HOLD!

This issue features Ayabie on the cover. Also featuirng articles on bands like jealkb, RENTRER EN SOI,  Arc, Cellt, Phantasmagoria, Wizard and much, much more! Plus a look at 12012's performance at Oni Con in AMERICA and make-up tips from Arc!
Includes a large sized fold out poster of the cover band.
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