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My new ebay store

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My new eBay store - Koinuchan's Toybox ^_^

I will be selling anything and everything there, but mostly Japanese music and anime related items. So far, all I have up is clothing, manga, and my SHAZNA boxset. I will be adding more (DVDs, CDs, magazines, etc.) later. Everything is a set price, and the item never ends so there is no hurry to bid like on an auction. If you want an item, but can't pay now, go ahead and bid. I'll wait up to two weeks for payment if I am informed of the situation. Please feel free to bid on multiple items and contact me for a grand total, so you only have to make one payment.

Help support my trip to Japan!!! (I *really* need the money) Once I am in Japan (mid-September on), I will add more items I find there, and take special orders for just about anything.
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