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Doujinshi, manga and anime for sale~!

Hi all, trying to do a bit of cleaning around here.. will probably add more to this post as I continue to ransack the room. ^__^

Tokyo Babylon ENGLISH manga vol. 1-7 (the complete series): $40
Each book was read once, so they're in pretty darned good condition. ^^

Gundam Wing doujinshi: Rising Earth vol. 1-7 and 9: $70
(Pics of these books is here and here.)
These are doujinshi anthologies, about 200 pages each; the stories range from humor to angsty drama, and are generally flavored with a bit of shounen-ai.

Nazca JAPANESE manga vol. 1-2 (complete set): $6
(Pic here.)
Based on the anime of the same name. The story takes a few different turns, though. ^^

Mouryoukiden (Legend of the Nymph) ENGLISH manga vol. 1-3 (complete set): $15
Books read once and kept shelved. ^^

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Last Outpost ENGLISH manga vol. 1-3 (complete set): $15
This is a side-story to Gundam Wing. Again, books read once, in near-mint condition. ^^

Books I was forgetful enough to buy two of..
Excel Saga ENGLISH manga vol. 1: $6
Trigun Maximum ENGLISH manga vol. 3: $6
Ceres, Celestial Legend ENGLISH manga vol. 3: $6
Angel Sanctuary ENGLISH manga vol. 6: $6

And the DVDs:
Revolutionary Girl Utena: the Movie: $10
New in wrapper; came in a boxed set, but I already had it. ^^;

Martian Successor Nadesico, vol. 1: $10
New in wrapper.

Shipping prices to be determined by what you buy, how fast you want things and where you live. ^_~ I need to check on the flat-rate boxes for Priority Mail...

I accept Paypal (including credit cards) and money orders, and have 100% positive feedback on ebay as "xianghua". ^^ If you're interested in buying something, leave a message or email me at mistress(AT)mistrust(DOT)com. Thanks for looking!
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