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will consider trades/buying bento boxes/items. if any one is selling this sort of thing i would love to take a look!


FOR SALE. (Inuyasha, Naruto, FMA, MARS, Detective Conan, FLCL, Whispering Corridors, Wolf's Rain, etc)
-PSone/2 + gamecube games
-other merch (playing cards, keychain)

-I accept paypal, concealed US cash & postal money order. (postal money order for purchases over $30)
-Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted (if you are international; shipped prices will have a little added on to them for the further distance).
-Shipping is calculated if you give zip code; I do sell/ship internationally.


Whispering Corridors Korean Horror, *worn on cover slip, R - $10

Inuyasha season one limited collector's edition w/Inuyasha's Rosary box set (5 DVDS) - $55 (shipped)


Wolf's Rain manga boxset, comes w/holo card - $15 *LIKE NEW*

FLCL vol. 1&2 - $4 each.

MARS vol 5, $3

Inuyasha vol 1, 2, 3 - $3 each

Inuyasha vol 5 ANIMANGA - $2, Japanese vol 28, 36 - $2

Inuyasha ANIMANGA (Japanese) Movie 2 vol.1&2 set - $10, Movie 3 vol.1&2set - $10

Case Closed vol. 1&2 - $3 each

Naruto, 1-8, 11-12, 15, 19-20, 26 - $133 for all shipped. ask to split.


Inuyasha psone game (Japanese dialogue, US release) - $7
Naruto PS2 game (Japanese, no cover) - $5
Star Fox game - $5

Naruto PS2 Game (Japanese Region) - $23 [shipped]

Naruto PS2 Game (Japanese Region) - $23 [shipped]

Naruto PS2 Game (Japanese Region) - $23 [shipped]


Kikyo, Sango figurines - $4 each

InuYasha, Miroku figure - $3

InuYasha, Kagome figure - $7

Inuyasha Demon form figurine - $10

has box* Temari gashapon - $7

all naruto gashapon is $7 each and comes with box, little character fold-out, and (only some for this) a piece of ramune candy; unless otherwise noted.

(hinata, sasuke, itachi, sold.)

(young itachi, young sasuke, haku sold.)

large sakura fig. $8 (comes with box), chibi-Sakura fig. - $1, Hinata figure $7, Itachi&Sasuke figure - $9 (comes in orignal packaging), Sasuke stamp - $1


Inuyasha OST 3 - $13 (shipped), Inuyasha Movie2 OST - $13 (shipped), DC Movie OST - $15 (shipped), FMA PS2 angel game OST $13 (shipped).


Inuyasha playing cards - sale pending, Inuyasha keychain - $2

Naruto stickerbook (Chinese release), comes w/one naruto stickersheet. *NEW*/never been opened - $3

Naruto Sasuke & Sakura keychain - $6 (shipped)

[Itachi + Sasuke Poster]
Naruto Posters - $13 each (shipped)

official posters, glitters. $15 each.

Sasuke trading card box. $4

Hairband/scarf set - $6

akatsuki cloak, size large, $55 [shipped]

Sasuke armbands, official product, comes with ramune candy - $7

2006 Uchiha Sasuke White Day gift, comes in original plastic and box. Includes card, and a phonestrap that has a bracelet attached. - $20

Code Geass clearfile, $7

any questions/etc e-mail me at taishonagisa[at]msn[dot]com if you do not feel comfortable with commenting.
all doujinshi prices include SHIPPING in the US; international is an additional $5 each.

Title: Anata ni sasageru uta
“A Song for My Dear”
Circle/Artist: Mutsumix
Genre: gen/shounen-ai
Language: Japanese
Pages: 28
Size: B5
Publication Date: 2005年8月21日
Pairing: ItaSasu

Price: $20

Title: Mayoi Michi
“Maze” (fanbook 3)
Circle/Artist: Mutsumix
Genre: gen/shounen-ai
Language: Japanese
Pages: 28
Size: B5
Publication Date: 2006年1月8日
Pairing: ItaSasu

Price: $20

Title: Uchiha to Neko
"Uchiha & Cats"
Circle/Artist: Mutsumix
Genre: gag
Language: Japanese
Pages: 28
Size: B5
Publication Date: 2007年8月18日
Pairing: ItaSasu

Price: $20

Title: Iranai Kioku
“Unneeded Memory”
Circle/Artist: Mutsumix
Genre: angst/yaoi
Language: Japanese
Pages: 44
Size: B5
Publication Date: 2006年8月19日
Pairing: ItaSasu + OroSasu

Price: $20

Circle/Artist: Pokapokasou/Saeki Mika
Genre: gag
Language: Japanese
Pages: 22
Size: B5
Publication Date: 2003年
Pairing: ItaSasu

Price: $20
Comments: very adorable doujinshi, Itachi "accidentally" kills the Uchiha clan and Sasuke is cute with tomato, etc.

Title: Anata e no Tsuki
Circle/Artist: Tooryanse/Hiomi Hajime
Genre: drama/angst
Language: Japanese
Pages: 32
Size: B5
Publication Date: 2008年09月28日
Pairing: China x Japan [Wang x Kiku]
Price: $25

if you'd like to make offers, go ahead. they will be considered greatly. &if you want sample scans feel free to ask for them.

thank you for looking. :D
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