koronekochan (koronekochan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Sale :3

I am cleaning out my room so it can be redone and I don't feel like putting many things in boxes. :o

So most of my-
-Jrock/V. Kei
are going up for sale! :) I have sold on ebay for a few years now. So this stuff isn't all too new. :O

I accept payments through paypal and money orders.

Here is a link to my items I am selling and more info.
My journal on what I'm selling

Some of the items I am selling are Fruits Basket,Tsubasa,Absolute Boyfriend,Vampire Knight,Bleach,Fushigi Yuugi,Loveless manga. I am selling Wolf's Rain, Rurouni Kenshin DVD box sets, and much more. So go look :)
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